The Story Gym

Don't sit. do.

You probably sit to watch TV. You sit to watch movies. You sit to watch plays. You even sit to watch sports. Some of the most compelling stories come at you while you are seated. Now, it's time to get up. The Story Gym makes immersive experiences that encourage the audience to move and be involved because that's what stories are missing. Don't leave the house and pay money just to sit somewhere when you can do that for free at home. Come to The Story Gym.


​The Photo Album


FRIDAY 8/8 8:45 pm
MONDAY 8/11 5:30 pm
FRIDAY 8/15 2:00 pm
SUNDAY 8/17 4:00 pm
MONDAY 8/18 9:30 pm
SATURDAY 8/23 4:45 pm 


Clemente Soto Velez (CSV) Cultural Center’s Abrazo Interno Gallery
107 Suffolk Street, New York, NY,

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Great things are in your future. Come to The Photo Album.

Left (Holly Hepp-Galván) Right (Eva Amessé)